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Home Birth

Beautiful Natural Home Birth of Hudson James attended by a midwife. Katie’s son was asynclitic and needed assistance coming through the birth canal

Midwifery Today published the article by Valerie a while ago that presents very clear instructions on how to turn the baby’s head. IT WORKS. She has taught me the difference between intervention and intercession. We also use visualization, relaxation, talking-to-the-baby, pulsatilla ( for assisting the turn) and gelsemium ( for lips and rings). At a hospital labor support birth this past week, when the doctor announced that it was time for the pit and epidural, to see if we could “get things rolling” – I spoke to my couple. I told them that they had hired me to assist them with a natural birth, and that I was absolutely convinced that they could do this – as long as the baby’s head was lined up well. I told them that in other cultures there is no pitocin or epidurals – women do not have these as options – and yet they have their babies!! I told them that we are mammals – and that mammals have their babies. I told them that I had unwavering faith in a woman’s body’s ability to give birth. We adjusted the baby’s head ( in private) and the baby was born soon after.

At a labor support birth this past week, the midwife who came on call had heard me speak at an MT conference in Oregon a few years ago. She was very warm and friendly, and told me that I could “do this birth” ( by the way, I do not “do” births – I attend them, or assist at them, or help to “receive” the baby with the parent’s permission). I told her that it seemed necessary to adjust the head – she said “By all means please try! I have never done that!” Within a few minutes of the adjustment, the woman began to push and birthed her baby. It had been fifteen years since she had had a baby – the last birth had been a horror show with a “stuck” baby and a resulting forceps delivery – and she was 43 years old.

One last note. One of the women whom I attended had been at 7 centimeters for about four hours when I was called to her birth. Her cervix was swollen and not very giving. She had been told to pant and blow – not to push as it would further swell her cervix. The baby’s head was asynclitic. I adjusted the head, and told her to push – much to the dismay of those around me. This did not come from new-midwife uppity-ness or arrogance – but from my intuition – ” Just push, Kate – just push and lets see what happens.” Within a few moments, she was fully dilated. In some situations, a cervix that has been at 7 for that long probably wants to “go” just as much as the mom wants it too! It just needed the baby’s head more well applied to assist it in its final act of “disappearance”!


Question Cephalopelvic Disproportion

Cephalopelvic Disproportion is rare yet is vastly overdiagnosed. Here are the stories of a few women who were told their babies were too big for their pelvises by one care provider, but fortunately sought a second opinion and subsequently birthed an even BIGGER baby through that same “small” pelvis.
VBAC = vaginal birth after cesarean
HBAC = homebirth after cesarean
HBA3C = homebirth after 3 cesareans
UBA2C = unassisted birth after 2 cesarean

Cephalopelvic Disproportion (CPD)

by Kelly Milotay

What Is CPD?

Cephalopelvic Disproportion (CPD) is the medical diagnosis used when an infant’s head is declared too big to fit through the mother’s pelvis. Often, this diagnosis is made after the woman has labored for some time, but other times, it is entered into a woman’s medical record before she even labors. A misdiagnosis of CPD accounts for many of the unnecessary cesareans performed in North America and around the world annually. This diagnosis does not have to impact a woman’s future birthing decisions. Many actions can be taken by the expectant mother to increase her chances of birthing vaginally.

Understanding the Mechanics of Birth

A woman’s pelvis is flexible and is made to open during birth. When there is interference with the birth process (induction before baby is ready, mother’s movement is restricted, etc.), the pelvis is not able to open to its maximum. The baby’s head molds (changes shape) during labor and delivery in order to fit through the pelvis. Neither the pelvis nor the baby’s head are fixed in one position; both expand and shift as labor progresses. A birthing woman’s pelvis is most likely to expand freely and accommodate the baby when the following conditions are present:

The birth takes place when the baby is ready and when natural birth hormones are present.The laboring woman moves freely to her comfort level.Adequate time is allowed for the molding of the baby’s head.

Calm Water Baby Video

The proud father about this video:

for the love of our child we chose a NATURAL water birth.

moments after the “Certified Health Nut’s” baby was born in water at home the midwifes test him for health. he is very calm, no crying and very healthy.

we used 5W (last 5 weeks) herbs as it came highly recomended for not tearing the vagina…… worked……..also a lot of Tradicional Medicinals pregnancy tea, the midwifes said it was a very healthy placenta.

for the mom it was very important to rebalance the endocrine system/hormones so we used a lot of Sumacazon
hormones play a critical role in post partum depression and other complications so we wanted the best for restoration and rejuvenation. [Birthowl: See also Placenta- the Gift of Life by Cornelia Enning. The Placenta used medicinally prevents naturally postpartum depression and restores and rejuvenates.]

zero screaming for mommy, to induce labor we walked around the block. when she was ready she got in the tub and 16 minutes later this guy came out.

the maori shaman/midwives i work with talk about many of the imbalances of the world today stemming from our treatment of children at birth. when drugs,
forceps, scalpels are NOT used, and instead babies are welcomed into the world by the hands of their parents, we are imprinting them with love NOT fear.
there are infinite ways that a loving and gentle birth
experience effects the life of that child and all whom they come into contact with.

many are scientifically documented (see ‘primal health research institute’s data base) but science aside, there are the benefits that one can determine
with common sense.
birth is our first impression, and when our first
impression of life, or anything or anyone for that matter, is one of love, peace, welcoming and grace, we tend to continue our life and our relationships with that as our foundation.

it is not always possible to do everything for our childrens’ well being that we may wish to, once they are in the world, but it is within our power to offer them the gift of birthing consciously with the intention of welcoming them with love!

5 months later we see all the natural tools paid off as the baby and mom are energetic, strong and healthy!


Momma Michelle:

My pregnancy was healthy, normal and perfect in every way until I was induced for being “overdue” at only 40 weeks 6 days. The typical hospital interventions began, and eventually I was wheeled off to the OR like so many women today. Now ask yourself, why would a healthy woman with a healthy pregnancy *need* surgery?? The cesarean section rate in the United States is at epidemic porportions. This is unacceptable. Our children deserve better. Women deserve better. If you are pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or know someone who is–Be informed! Know your options! Most pregnancies do not need doctors or hospitals. Your body knows best. A cesarean is not “easy” or “glamorous” like Hollywood makes it out to be. It is ugly, painful and risk-laden surgery. Make well informed decisions. Don’t be another statistic.

Mi embarazo era sano, normal y perfecto de cada manera hasta que me indujeron para ser “atrasado” en solamente 40 semanas 6 días. Los interventions típicos del hospital comenzaron, y apagado me rodaron eventual a O como tan muchas mujeres hoy. ¿Ahora pregúntese que, por qué una mujer sana con un embarazo sano * necesidad * cirugía?? La tarifa de la sección cesariana en los Estados Unidos está en los porportions epidémicos. Esto es inaceptable. Nuestros niños merecen mejor. Las mujeres merecen mejor. ¡Si usted es embarazado, intentando llegar a ser embarazado, o sepa a alguien que es — sea informado! ¡Sepa sus opciones! La mayoría de los embarazos no necesitan doctores u hospitales. Su cuerpo sabe lo más mejor posible. Un cesariano no es “fácil” o “encantador” como Hollywood lo hace hacia fuera para ser. Es cirugía fea, dolorosa y de risk-cargado. Tome las decisiones informadas bien. No sea otra estadística.

Nola’s Waterbirth

Lyle’s Waterbirth


Our second son’s welcome into this world.

This is the mommy in this birth video. I’m giving background info for viewers understanding. My husband posted this but I’m glad to share this wonderful exp. This was our 2nd birth (1st was Taylor now 5 born at home in tub too after 12 hours of labor). If mom and baby are healthy and you have all the necessary pre-natal care and are fully educated on labor/birth and what to expect and really want a homebirth exp. (no fear) than this is the way to go man! It was the most empowering exp. of my life.

The reason midwife is not here is my husband told her it would be 1 hr. when she called to check on us at 4am. what does he know—he’s just a man and I couldn’t really verbalize that is would be sooner. The call you see in the video (where my husband has the head in his hands)at 5am is midwife again, @ 30 min. away still. Well, she’s gonna be late,huh? My sister, best friend & my mom who is tending to our 22 month (Taylor—now 5) were there. He was crying because its 4:45am, he just woke up & wanted Mommy like all kids do at 5am-he also wanted to get in the pool. He was not traumatized by seeing me give birth. I was having a baby–one of the most nautural things in the world.

Birth Without Violence Video