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About Me

 that’s us

My knick name was given by my husband: ‘The Birthowl’, because I stay up all night and study natural childbirth, pregnancy, breastfeeding and midwifery.

My intention is to provide holistic information for pregnant and birthing women.

My conviction is natural, sacred birth.
Water birth seems to be a wonderful gentle way of birthing.
I want to help women to make their transformative birth experience the most powerful event in their lifes and become joyful, loving and nurturing mothers.

This is my passion and I like to share with you a wealth of information.

I am an aspiring midwife and have some applications for midwifery schools in Germany, where I was born, running.

Hopefully you enjoy your stay at my birthowl natural childbirth blog and come again daily for videos, pictures and a lot of information.


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