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Maca Root Supports a Healthy Pregnancy

The Side Effects of Maca Root During Pregnancy

There are a lot of ways to use Maca Root for better health. One way that is often overlooked is its effects our body during pregnancy.

Is Maca Root Safe to Use While Pregnant? Maca Root can be consumed safely throughout your whole pregnancy. Maca Root is actually not technically an herb. It is a whole food. It is actually part of a daily diet consumed by the people of Peru. It works very well to balance hormones and keep progesterone levels high while you are pregnant. This can be especially beneficial during the first trimester. There are no hormones in the Maca itself, so there is no need to worry about over doing it in anyway. It works by stimulating and healing the pituitary gland so that it can function at a higher efficiency. There is no way to overdose on Maca Root; there is no toxicity from it. Worrying about overdosing on Maca is the same as worrying about overdosing on potatoes. It is a food, not a drug.

Maca Root Supports a Healthy Pregnancy There are vast amounts of nutrients found in Maca Root. It can almost be a pre-natal vitamin in itself due to the large amounts of vitamins, minerals and amino acids contained within. Maca Root helps to ensure that your unborn baby is getting the nutrients that he or she needs.

Choosing the Right Maca Root There are a lot of different brands of Maca Root out there. I have successfully only used one kind of Maca Root throughout two of my pregnancies. This is because the extracts and gelatinized versions do not contain the whole food, therefore they will not provide the same benefits. I highly recommend Organic Raw Maca Powder.

How to Eat Maca Root Maca Root tastes like it sounds, like a root. The taste can easily be compared to that of a potato, but slightly more bitter. This is why it is best to disguise the taste in food., posted by “the Reviewer”


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I took Maca for a year or so before I became pregnant. I love the way I feel. (balanced) I did quit taking it for the pregnancy. I am 3 weeks from my due date. I look forward to starting my Maca intake, again, and am wondering how long I need to wait before reintroducing it. I will be breastfeeding.
Do you have any insights on this matter?

Comment by Briana

Hello Ladies,

I would just like to remind all the ladies out there, that yes, we all want to avoid chemicals in our food, milk and our household while being pregnant. It is very important. I also want to remind everyone that there are alot of chemicals in skincare today, and pregnant women should only use chemical free or Organic face creams.

Your skin is an organ – that you are sharing with your unborn child. Any chemicals applied to your skin will feed the growth of your child. And please do your research on the internet regarding chemicals in skin care products.

My personal recommendation, is the Made from Earth product line. They are completely chemical free and organic, and their products have a shelf life of 6 months, because they are not presevred with chemicals, but they do use quality ingredients. I used their 3 Berry Face Serum while I was pregnant, and its a great face cream I highly recommend. It actually uses real blueberries in it.

Best of luck to everyone!

Comment by Nancy W

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