Birthowl’s natural childbirth

Calm Water Baby Video

The proud father about this video:

for the love of our child we chose a NATURAL water birth.

moments after the “Certified Health Nut’s” baby was born in water at home the midwifes test him for health. he is very calm, no crying and very healthy.

we used 5W (last 5 weeks) herbs as it came highly recomended for not tearing the vagina…… worked……..also a lot of Tradicional Medicinals pregnancy tea, the midwifes said it was a very healthy placenta.

for the mom it was very important to rebalance the endocrine system/hormones so we used a lot of Sumacazon
hormones play a critical role in post partum depression and other complications so we wanted the best for restoration and rejuvenation. [Birthowl: See also Placenta- the Gift of Life by Cornelia Enning. The Placenta used medicinally prevents naturally postpartum depression and restores and rejuvenates.]

zero screaming for mommy, to induce labor we walked around the block. when she was ready she got in the tub and 16 minutes later this guy came out.

the maori shaman/midwives i work with talk about many of the imbalances of the world today stemming from our treatment of children at birth. when drugs,
forceps, scalpels are NOT used, and instead babies are welcomed into the world by the hands of their parents, we are imprinting them with love NOT fear.
there are infinite ways that a loving and gentle birth
experience effects the life of that child and all whom they come into contact with.

many are scientifically documented (see ‘primal health research institute’s data base) but science aside, there are the benefits that one can determine
with common sense.
birth is our first impression, and when our first
impression of life, or anything or anyone for that matter, is one of love, peace, welcoming and grace, we tend to continue our life and our relationships with that as our foundation.

it is not always possible to do everything for our childrens’ well being that we may wish to, once they are in the world, but it is within our power to offer them the gift of birthing consciously with the intention of welcoming them with love!

5 months later we see all the natural tools paid off as the baby and mom are energetic, strong and healthy!

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