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Momma Michelle:

My pregnancy was healthy, normal and perfect in every way until I was induced for being “overdue” at only 40 weeks 6 days. The typical hospital interventions began, and eventually I was wheeled off to the OR like so many women today. Now ask yourself, why would a healthy woman with a healthy pregnancy *need* surgery?? The cesarean section rate in the United States is at epidemic porportions. This is unacceptable. Our children deserve better. Women deserve better. If you are pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or know someone who is–Be informed! Know your options! Most pregnancies do not need doctors or hospitals. Your body knows best. A cesarean is not “easy” or “glamorous” like Hollywood makes it out to be. It is ugly, painful and risk-laden surgery. Make well informed decisions. Don’t be another statistic.

Mi embarazo era sano, normal y perfecto de cada manera hasta que me indujeron para ser “atrasado” en solamente 40 semanas 6 días. Los interventions típicos del hospital comenzaron, y apagado me rodaron eventual a O como tan muchas mujeres hoy. ¿Ahora pregúntese que, por qué una mujer sana con un embarazo sano * necesidad * cirugía?? La tarifa de la sección cesariana en los Estados Unidos está en los porportions epidémicos. Esto es inaceptable. Nuestros niños merecen mejor. Las mujeres merecen mejor. ¡Si usted es embarazado, intentando llegar a ser embarazado, o sepa a alguien que es — sea informado! ¡Sepa sus opciones! La mayoría de los embarazos no necesitan doctores u hospitales. Su cuerpo sabe lo más mejor posible. Un cesariano no es “fácil” o “encantador” como Hollywood lo hace hacia fuera para ser. Es cirugía fea, dolorosa y de risk-cargado. Tome las decisiones informadas bien. No sea otra estadística.


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I fully understand about Cesarean. I had my baby by caesarean. I have 37 years old, Iam a thin woman and I have never had health problems. My pregnancy was very nice, with very few symptoms of pregnancy. I had no complications, but I do not know why my doctor asked me to go to the clinic to induce labor. She said I was 39 weeks and my baby was very large. I was about eight hours in labor induction and nothing, then my doctor did the caesarean.

Personally I believe that the baby has to be born whenever he wants and whenever is the right time. Doctors do not want to take risks and it is much easier for them to do the caesarean. This is anti-professional.

Comment by Rosaura

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