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Following Your Intuition – the Key for a Safe Birth

Many women who give birth in hospitals or with doctors and midwives in attendance rely upon the information obtained from technology, or from the experience of these so-called “experts” to guide them in how to safely give birth.  No machine, such as an electronic fetal monitor, and no person other than the birthing woman can really know what is right for that woman.

Only by looking within herself and consulting her inner wisdom through intuitive insight can the woman know what is right to do in her particular situation.  Sometimes, she may sit down, close her eyes, and actually seek this insight in order to solve a perceived problem in the birth.  But most likely, as the following birth story will depict, that which must be done is instictively or intuitively made clear to the mother at a time of emergency, without her actively seeking such information.

pregnant belly

The reason that hospital birth, or any birth attended by a doctor or midwife is inherently dangerous, is that it causes the woman to not trust or listen to what her body is telling her to do, and it causes her to listen to others and accept their assessment of her situation when there is no possible way they could know what is best.  By doing this, many complications often occur.  The medical establishment tries to convince us that only through medical tests or the experience of professionals can a mother really have a safe birth….but it is reliance upon those very experiences which can actually cause complications.

Your body knows what to do….if you will trust this process, and not try to second guess what your body is telling you, just trust it, you will avoid complications the majority of the time.   When someone suggests a procedure to you, or a particular course of action, and it doesn’t feel right to you, makes you afraid or causes you to feel unsettled, your intuitive wisdom is telling you it’s not right…..

Listening to your body can help you deal with situations in a home birth which are considered “complications” by the medical establishment.  We just call them “variations of normal.”  Your body can deal with these spontaneous occurrences very well if you let it.

Judie C. Rall and The Center for Unhindered Living

Photo by Ben McLeod


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