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Natural childbirth vs. hospital birth

Contrary to popular belief hospitals are not the safest place for babies to be born. The mortality rate of babies born at home is half that of hospital born babies.

95% of births can be done outside the hospital, intervention does cause problems. Society is bombarded with scare tactics making these mom’s believe that hospitals are safe. Actually these hospitals and their interventions may cause the problems in the first place.


Baby will not be born before he is ready, baby knows when it is time to come into this world.

Birth is safe and shouldn’t be treated as a medical procedure.

Hospitals carry many germs that your home does not.

Hospitals and technology have been known to slow a laboring women down, which in turn may cause medication to be administered to quicken the process.

You will push when you feel the urge, not when told.

The placenta will not be pushed out of you, when you feel the sensation you will do so on your own.

You will be able to experiment through labor with different positions in order to make yourself more comfortable. most women find that lying on your back is the worst, as in most hospitals)

You will also be able to birth your baby in any position you feel is comfortable.

You are in control.

Your baby will not be separated from you at any time, you will have the chance to bond without interference.

Your baby will be born in an environment filled with love, sensitivity. There will be no scrubbing, poking, probing, suctioning, drops in the eyes or any other types of violations.

Baby will feel secure.

This is our birth, the event will have profound effects upon us, we will be able to enjoy this in peace!

 Natural Mama

Photo by Kristin Hayes


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