Birthowl’s natural childbirth

Baby Swimming

Focusing on the infant-toddler’s level of well-being and readiness, baby swimming is taken to a higher level beyond that of strictly acquisition of physical skills. Baby swimming has so much to offer when approached in a nurturing, child-paced, “baby friendly” environment: boundless joy, self confidence, personal development, as well as happy, healthy and well adjusted children.




Raising a child will be the most important job a parent will ever have and growing up is never easy. That is why well informed, intelligent “child raising” choices by parents are necessary in order to provide their offspring a positive start in life.  We must remember that while we teach the children to respect the water, we must never lose our respect for the children during the learning process, where our foremost concern must be with the well-being of the child. Teaching a baby to swim is a subtle, long term process which requires interpersonal sensitivity, altruistic motivation, insight, skill and joy. Patient parents who are able to enjoy the moment and at the same time “stay the course” will rediscover the virtue of water and it’s ability to nourish their baby’s entire being. For the right people, in the right situation, baby swimming can foster a connectedness to family, community and to the outer world.  A cooperative partnership between parent, child and teacher is key to creating the kind of harmonious relationship necessary to gently and playfully guide our young Diaper Dolphins. 

 Baby Swimming – the Gentle Journey


Photo by Theron Parlin


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