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No Substitute For Motherly Love

Many psychatrists have stated form time to time not only that man relives the moment of his birth, but also that his mental development will arise from the earliest association with life. If this is true, the happiness radiated by the nursing mother breast-feeding her child must envelop the infant in an aura of blissful associations with its earliest beginnings.

No hot blanket, guardian nurse or weaning bottle can replace the physiological character formation of the breast-fed baby. There is no substitute for mother love. The relationship between those who love and those who are loved is not a sentimental association but reality. There is a mutual transference of a force which elevates both the mind and the body to a higher plane of human development than the implementation of impersonal scientific procedures and synthetic devices

peacful baby at breast

Man cannot feed the baby within the uterus. What justifies his presumption that he is able to improve upon the physiological provision because the child has recently left the uterus? We can fortify and reinforce with certain substances the adequacy of both the placental and the breast nutrition, but the basic natural nourishment supplies something which no concoction can contain.

Although a skilled physician can write prescriptions for mixtures upon which children will thrive, they cannot include the personality factor of successful mothering. They can build bonnie and beautiful babies whose bodies are the pride of their nurses and a profit to the advertisers of patent foos. Without mothering, a nation of gladiators can arise, but if the seeds of mother love had been implanted in early infancy and fostered in youth, should we have seen the tragedies and the indescribable horrors of the last fifteen or twenty years? Breast-feeding has a sociological value far greater than is generally recognised.

From “Childbirth Without Fear” by Grantly Dick-Read
Photo by Brunna Perett

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