Birthowl’s natural childbirth

The “Active Birth” of the Mother in Water

During labour the movements of the woman support the birth procedure. The water permits movements which were to be implemented ashore only with difficulty. In which position the birth of the child is to take place, a woman can decide best herself in the weightlessness of water.


The water lets the birth canals become so eased and flexible that the birthing woman will get along without pain medication. She also does not need artificial hormones because the water will energize the body-own hormones. At the end of the birth she will be able to control how quickly the head of the child is to be born and can thereby avoid tearing.

Interferences by birth attendants are difficult in the water and during a  normal birth process unnecessary. Particularly women after a cesaeren section have a opportunity with the waterbirth to bring this child normally in the world.

Translated from aqua-midwife Cornelia Enning’s website 

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