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That the milk comes in does usually not occur for 2-5 days after birth. During that time, only small quantities of colostrum are available but are especially useful for the infant and should be fed. Colostrum is also known as “liquid gold”.

first time nursing

The sooner after delivery that breastfeeding is begun, the more colostrum your baby will receive. The sooner you nurse your baby after delivery, the better. Colostrum comes in small quantities and prepares your baby’ digestive tract for receiving the milk that comes later by stimulating the baby’s first bowel movement. Meconium, the black, tarry stuff that passes in the first stool, contains bilubrin, the substance that causes jaundice in newborns.

Colostrum contains white blood cells which are there to prevent infection in the newborn by attacking harmful bacteria. Colostrum is easy to digest with its high protein, low sugar and fat content, so it is an ideal first food.Dr. Robert Jackson, a member of the Professional Advisory Board for La Leche League International, has also pointed out these interesting facts about colostrum:The proportions of the constituents in human milk gradually change; the colostrum of the first day is not the same as the colostrum of the second; with the transitional milk there is a gradual consistent change intimately related to the needs of the baby.

Therefore no matter how much artificial formulas are improved, it’s never going to be possible to manufacture formulas for the first day, the second, the third, and so o, that are as suited to baby’s needs as his mother’s own milk. Don’t worry if your baby looses a little weight before your milk comes in. Nearly every newborn will loose some weight after birth.Your baby is born with enough extra fluid to tide him over until your milk is in. A slight weight loss is normal and usually quickly recovered once your milk supply is well established.

Colostrum is specially important to premature babies because it contains high amounts of amino acid cystine, an important component of protein, which premature babies lack. What to speak of the intimate connection between the nursing mother and the child which the infant needs for a healthy development. Studies show that the mortality rate from one to six month is less for breastfed babies than for artificially fed premature infants.


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