Birthowl’s natural childbirth

Empowered childbirth

This is a wonderful website I really appreciate. It talks about empowering woman to give birth naturally, to trust in the ability of their female bodies to give birth and to make childbirth a joyous, empowering and healing event.

You can find great information on homebirth and thought-provoking birth-stories from women in different settings. Great assistance for making an informed choice for childbirth.

From the website:

Empowered was created out of a deep and abiding love for women, men, children and the sacred healing powers of childbirth. Here, we share our experiences with each other in hopes of restoring our faith in our own birthing power and encouraging our sisters to restore theirs.

What is an “Empowered Birth”?

When we speak of a woman being empowered during birth we’re talking about her feeling like she is in control of her environment and the decisions being made about her body and her birth.
Providing solid information about the course of a normal pregnancy and the effects of common interventions on a normal birth is the foundation of Empowered Childbirth.

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