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Postpartum Care

Keep the room warm immediatley after the birth, and do not give a postpartum woman cold drinks. If a newly postpartum woman has to warm her body after a chill, or if she has to warm up the contents of her stomach, she is wasting vital energy. Her entire course of postpartum recovery can be greatley affected by these two factors. Her energy at this time is precious. Respect and conserve it.


These can be very painful and distracting for the new mother. Strongly brewed Ginger tea brings relief from afterpains. Pour one cup boiling water over three to five slices of fresh ginger and steep five to ten minutes.

Motherwort tincture also eases afterpains-begin dosage at 1/2 dropperful and increase as needed.


Traditional Chinese medicine offers a very effective remedy for newborn jaundice, which parents can obtain from a Chinese apothecary or herbalist. Simmer this root, and swab the liquid inside the baby’s mouth. One or two applications will usually clear the jaundice.

mother and baby

A few teaspoons of crushed Fennel or Caraway seed tea can greatly relief the discomfort of colic. Try light pressure and warm compresses on baby’s belly, or bringing his feet slowly up to his ears several times. Clockwise massage in a sweeping motion above the belly button may also be effective.

Misalignment of the skull or spine may also be implicated in colic. Have the baby see a chiropractor with pediatric expertise (newborn adjustments are more like massage than manipulations).

Some babies find great relief in this simple exercise. With the baby on her back, grasp her tights and lift her feet toward her head, like during a diaper change. Continue to roll upward, and raise the baby until she is hanging upside down. Really! Now wait and watch her move: she will rotate her back this way and that, and when she seems finished, gentky let her down.

First touch her head down, then roll down shoulders, back, butt, and her legs uncurl. Babies partucularly benefit from this exercise when offered daily.

Excerpts from “Herbs and Homeopathy Postpartum” by Shanon Anton, found in “Hearts and Hands” by Elizabeth Davis; Photo by David K

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