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Bond with your baby

Bonding is essential

The hours after birth are extremley important ones; they can deeply affect the future realationship between the child and the parents. Time spent together during those first few hours and days after the birth lay the groundwork for a profound relationship with one another. Becoming deeply bonded is vital for the family and can be wonderful satisfying to all.

And, one might ask, why should it be any other way? Perhaps no aspect of conventional birthing has caused as much distress for new mothers, fathers, and babies as hospital policies that require separation at a time when parents most want and need to be with their babies. There is no good medical reason to separate a heathy newborn baby from his mother.

In 1989 Dr. Mardsen Wagner, an American born pediatrician who is currently a consultant to the Maternal/Child Health division of WHO, lectured “I am convinced the procedure of placing all newborn babies in one room was the biggest mistake of modern medicine.” He further refers to the newborn nursery as “a cradle of germs, separating babies from their mothers at the most sensitive point of their relationship.

Sheila Kitzinger, well presented British childbirth educator and author, noted, “A screaming baby alone in its cot or lined up with rows of other screaming newborns is a neglected baby. He cannot know that help is near, that milk is coming in half an hour, or twenty minutes or even five minutes. He cannot know that loving arms are waiting to hold him. He is to all intents and purposes completley isolated and abandoned.

In a gentle birth the mother is awake and aware, highly conscious, energized by having given birth, and extremley eager to spend time with her child-touching, looking, feeding, resting, or sleeping together. The newborn wants the comforting presence of his mother, her warmth, touch, sound and smells. Exerpts from “Gentle Birth Choices” by Barbara Harper, R.N.

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