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Questions to ask a midwife, a doctor or the hospital
December 17, 2007, 7:00 pm
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Working hard to birth naturally

Consider asking the following questions before you choose how you will give birth to your new baby. See the full list of questions for each service provider in Gentle Birth Choices (Gentle Birth Choice, Barbara Harper, excerpts).

Questions to Ask a Doctor

Do you have any children and how were they born?

How long have you been practicing?

What are your guidelines for “normal” and “high-risk” pregnancies?

What routine tests do you require?

How often will I see you?

Where do you have hospital privileges? Can I choose which hospital if you have privileges at more than one?

Do you return calls personally or ask your nurses to call?

If there is more than one doctor in the practice, what is your rotation policy? Will the other doctors respect the agreements you make with me?

Questions to Ask a Hospital

Do you routinely require an IV?

What mechanism is in place so that I can refuse routine interventions like vaginal exams?

Can my partner stay with me the entire time?

Can I birth the baby in the position of my choice?

How long will you allow me to labor before starting interventions?

Can I breastfeed immediately after birth?

Can I delay weighing and measuring the baby for at least an hour?

Do you routinely recommend circumcision?

Questions to Ask a Midwife

How many years have you been practicing?

Do you work alone or with a partner or assistant? What is his or her experience?

Do you require that I see a physician during my pregnancy even if everything is all right?

How often will I see you?

If I am planning a home birth, do you visit my home before I go into labor?

In what situations would I need to go to the hospital?

Have you ever had to resuscitate a baby?

How often do you come to see me after I give birth?


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