Birthowl’s natural childbirth

The power of positive childbearing

“As we prepared her for the delivery we continued to coach her through the pushing. Tanya became totally involved in the process. Pushing required all of her energy and she became absorbed with effort. Although I had to prepare the sterile table, I couldn’t take my eyes off her as she worked. I was fascinated by the birth. It demanded my total consciousness.

Tanya was purposeful. She listened to all our instructions. I saw her mature into a woman in a few moments. She put all of her strength into delivering her baby. As the head was born, I hold her to pant so that it would be born gently. Even though this is difficult to do, she performed beautifully. The baby was born slow and gracefully. Tanya’s hand instinctively went out to bring her child to her breast.

When everything was over, we brought Tanya’s mother back to the recovery room. She held the baby and all of her earlier fears melted into pride. She was proud of her daughter who had given birth in a way she thought was impossible. And she was proud of her first grandchild. Her eyes glowed with joy as she held him, and Tanya looked on with maternal pride. I left all three of them together to bond.”

From “Diary of a Midwife- the power of positive childbearing”
by Juliana van Olpen-Fehr

Beautiful book, I recommend to read it. Reality, facts and feeling. Thank you, Juliana.In her book “Diary of a midwife- the power of positive childbearing”, Juliana van Olpen-Fehr shows the realities of childbirth in the US by telling us about her life and experience as a mother and midwife.


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